Check out our new explainer video!

We’re so excited about our partnership with Landscape Hub we wanted to make a video to show you how we can help you grow your business. Watch, to see how you can cut your estimating time spend by 50-80%, with unprecedented accuracy.

Are you an architect or designer?

We see a lot of projects from every corner of the United States. We see new plant material, new means and methods every day, and we love it! Someone asked, “What’s the common denominator in all the projects you work on?”. Well, the common denominator is that the given quantities are almost always wrong. Not […]

We’re hiring!

Takeoff Monkey is seeking a highly motivated sales person for the West Coast! This individual has experience in estimating, pre-construction, and ideally division 32 construction. This individual will be tasked with seeking out, qualifying, and selling their clients on Takeoff Monkey’s takeoff & other pre-con services to contractors in the Western half of the United […]

Takeoff Monkey integrates with Landscape Hub!

We wanted to make your life even easier. Now, when you get a completed takeoff back from Takeoff Monkey, you’ll notice a button in the top left ribbon of your workbook. Click it! It turns your whole list into a quote on Landscape Hub! Complete with suppliers, pricing, even freight! LH gives you some awesome […]