Build Your Lean, Mean, Estimating Machine

One Workbook to do it all...

Landscape, hardscape, irrigation and maintenance are the worlds we live in. Why not do it all in one file? Build a budget, a field manual, and a clean, presentable proposal with one file. 

Better than off-the-shelf software

Totally customizable yet unbreakable. Our sheets are designed to be user-friendly, fully automated yet totally customizable. While your rates may be automated, you always have the option to quickly customize with a few clicks without tripping a formula and setting off errors throughout the sheet. 

Built by the Green Industry, for the Green Industry

From architects and designers to developers, every member of our team is a part of the green industry.  We know what you need and want, and we understand your business. 

Exclusively Yours

Your spreadsheet is your intellectual property. It will never be replicated, copied or redistributed. Rates, labor rates, and any other proprietary information is held in strict confidence and bound by an NDA signed by all involved parties. 

Endless Options

Link your accounting software, talk to web applications, generate lists and e-mail instantly, PDF with one click, just about anything you can dream of, we can execute!


One time development fee. No subscriptions, no licensing fees, just a one time fee based on an hourly rate. Costs range from ~$5k – $15k+ depending on functionality desired. These can be done in phases, with each finished phase finished as a functioning, usable workbook. 

Contact us today for a live demonstration

Call us @ 828-318-5226, or shoot us an e-mail [email protected]


When you trust us with your project, it stays YOURS. The materials we count, the names of your team members, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and anyone else mentioned within your documents remain 100% confidential. We do not offer any of this information to anyone period.

Completed takeoffs are ONLY shared with the customer who has produced the drawings. We absolutely do not, ever, under any circumstance share your takeoff with anyone other than you. 

Let us show you the difference, free.