The Monkey Difference

Time Savings

Takeoffs are usually the most time-consuming part of your bid process. Spend your time focusing on your business, not the computer screen. Re-claim your weekends and evenings, we got this! 

Bid More Work, Sell More Work

With Takeoff Monkey as your new team member, double or even triple your bid output. Diversify your client base and geographic coverage. 

We Offer More Than Quantities

Our estimators scour the documents with very seasoned eyes. Discrepancies, contradictions, unlabeled symbols, cost-savings suggestions, detail & specification references are all clearly documented in your completed package. 

Not Just For Bids

Let us help you master just-in-time delivery by isolating specific sections of your project to save you time, and order only the materials you need. 

We make change orders fast and simple by producing comparative data between replacement sheets and their preceding sheets. 

Ridiculously Fast Turnaround

We work around the clock for our customers. We complete and return over 98% of our clients’ projects in under 24 hours. Never miss another bid date due to time constraints. Takeoff Monkey works fast, and keeps you well ahead of your bid board. 


If you’re a supplier and would like to set your level of service far apart from your competition, talk to us about how we can help. By offering your customers the benefits of Takeoff Monkey you gain the opportunity to predict market trends, educate your customers on market availability, and keep your manufacturers and suppliers abreast of industry trends with real-time data. 


When you trust us with your project, it stays YOURS. The materials we count, the names of your team members, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and anyone else mentioned within your documents remain 100% confidential. We do not offer any of this information to anyone period.

Completed takeoffs are ONLY shared with the customer who has produced the drawings. We absolutely do not, ever, under any circumstance share your takeoff with anyone other than you. 

Let us show you the difference, free.