We see a lot of projects from every corner of the United States. We see new plant material, new means and methods every day, and we love it! Someone asked, “What’s the common denominator in all the projects you work on?”. Well, the common denominator is that the given quantities are almost always wrong. Not by a lot, and not every item, but it is a rare occasion that all the given quantities match up 100% with the quantities shown in the drawings. Less than 5% of the time in fact. Most of the time it’s just onesy-twosy quantities here and there, but occasionally there are HUGE swings. We also see items appear on the plans that aren’t on the legend on over 75% of the projects we see.

We’d like to offer our services to our landscape architect friends. We can help you get level, apples-to-apples bids, and publish clean bidding documents. We’re neither a contractor nor a supplier – we just simply thrive on accuracy! We can help you write rock-solid bid forms too! Do you need your contractor to provide values for specific areas of the project separately? We can help.

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