How Long Does Completing a Takeoff Take?

If you’re a fan of the Takeoff Monkey blog, you know we’ve covered what a material takeoff is, our favorite takeoff software, and other common takeoff tools. But you may still be wondering how long to expect to dedicate to the takeoff process.

Material takeoffs are an essential part of construction project bidding and can make up, on average, 50-80% of the bidding process. They include timely tasks like site visits, drafting plans in takeoff software, and calculating material counts based on calculated area specifications. These administrative tasks add up and cost estimators precious time that could be spent elsewhere.

The time it takes for an estimator to complete a material takeoff varies depending on the scope and complexity of the construction project, the level of detail or annotations required, the experience of the estimator, and the tools and/or software being used.

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A small or straightforward residential project may take a few hours to complete. While with larger complex commercial projects, it may take several days or even weeks to complete a takeoff. Time spent also depends on the trade the takeoff is being completed for: irrigation, landscape, concrete etc.

On average, one takeoff page takes one hour to complete. Smaller, less complicated projects can take an experienced estimator only 10 minutes. However, on larger, complex bids, estimators could easily spend 5-6 hours on one single page. The most impactful variables in how long it takes to complete a takeoff are 1. how experienced the estimator is and 2. the project’s complexity.

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It’s important to note that an accurate material takeoff is essential to ensure a project is completed within budget and on time. Rushing through the takeoff process can and will lead to errors and omissions, which results in unexpected costs and delays later down the road. It’s important for estimators to take the time needed to complete a thorough and accurate material takeoff, regardless of the project size.

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