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    How it works

    Our process is as easy as 1-2-3.

    1. Send us a project
    • Upload pdfs to our website uploader
    • Email pdf files to projects@takeoffmonkey.com
    • Forward an ITB to projects@takeoffmonkey.com
    2. We confirm your project
    • Your project is received, reviewed, and entered into production
    • The Takeoff Monkey team executes the project and an initial review is conducted on the completed project
    • Two Senior Estimators peer-review the project
    • Your completed work (takeoff and materials list) is placed in a private link
    3. You receive the completed project
    • The link to the completed project is shared with you via e-mail (each day’s workload is delivered well before noon CST)
    • Turnaround is generally 48 hours for takeoffs and 75 hours for irrigation design.