What’s a Landscape Takeoff?

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Various construction trades benefit from completing material takeoffs (MTOs) as part of the pre-construction bidding process. Common types of takeoffs are for irrigation, landscape design (both soft and hardscaping), concrete, retaining walls, and landscape maintenance. One of the most popular projects submitted to us by our clients at Takeoff Monkey are for landscape MTOs.

An MTO is the process of estimating the materials required to complete a project. The takeoff typically involves examining the project plans and specifications, measuring the site and identifying any specific requirements or challenges that need to be addressed. Landscape takeoffs include the cost of materials, such as plants, trees, soil and more.

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The primary goal of a commercial landscape takeoff is to provide an accurate projection of costs. This estimate can then be used by contractors to develop a competitive bid for the project and by project stakeholders to evaluate the bids they receive. A well-executed takeoff can help ensure that a project is completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the project owners.

Many estimators utilize takeoff software to measure areas via scale calculations. This eliminates the necessity to perform a site visit. As long as the scale is accurate on the project plans, experienced estimators can generate counts based on calculated areas.

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It’s worth mentioning, not all contractors use takeoffs to enhance their project bids. By taking the initiative to provide material takeoff sheets, you’ll wow your clients with your attention to detail. Increase your bid conversions and save time by utilizing an external takeoff service like Takeoff Monkey.

To use Takeoff Monkey for your next landscape MTO, get started by heading to our homepage. After completing the Get Started form, someone from our team will contact you. Once we get documentation in place, you can share a project with us three ways: through our website, by email and by becoming a dedicated resource client with your own monday.com dashboard.

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