What’s a Takeoff?

A construction material takeoff (MTO) is an essential process in construction estimating, which involves calculating the quantities and cost of materials needed for a construction project. It involves reviewing the project plans, identifying the types and quantities of materials callouts, and estimating the cost of each material. The material takeoff is used to create an accurate bid thus helping the contractor to provide an accurate estimate of the total cost of the project. The material takeoff typically includes the quantity of materials such as lumber, concrete, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing components.

Since takeoffs are all about counts, they can often take quite a chunk of time to complete. Estimators will sit at a computer digging through Excel sheets to find the correct price to match which materials are called out in the plans which can take hours. The importance of an MTO’s accuracy can not be stressed enough. Providing an error free bid helps contractors win projects. Additionally, accurate material pricing establishes a working budget for the bid. Contractor’s sharing high quality takeoffs increase their chances of winning their client’s projects.

Takeoff Monkey works often within division 32 projects: site improvements to concrete and landscaping. We often say we work from curb to the building. Landscaping takeoffs provide counts to plants, turf and hardscaping assets. Irrigation takeoffs provide counts for each part needed within your underground watering system. Pavement takeoffs address materials needed for concrete, asphalt and when needed pavers. Additional takeoffs include but are not limited to: fencing, retaining walls and water features.

Our partnerships with Landscape Hub and Gomaterials help contractors source their landscape needs after the project has been one. Our integrations allow a streamlined process of purchasing. We’ve already handled the counts and updated project plans to reflect any specifics for the project. Our dedicated team of experts will provide your final takeoff documents back to your inbox 48-hours after you’ve shared them with our team. We help you win more construction projects by taking the heavy workload of MTOs off your table. Working with Takeoff Monkey is fast, simple and accurate. Get started with a free trial of our services today; first five pages are on us. 

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